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Life is a way full of wonders. Those wonders are the people that you encounter, the experiences that you live, the emotions that you feel and the nature that surrounds you.

I am Olivier. It happens to me to go for exploration, out of the marked paths, in great outdoors or to meet local people, or simply in my garden. Through my photographs and texts, I would like to share my passion for nature and my contemplation of the present moment.

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  • Gallery : A selection of my 30 favorite photos, that I took.
  • Blog : A virtual notebook with my observations and contemplations of the daily life.
  • Portfolio : Several travels and experiences on my way!

Latest blogposts!

Méduse - Cité de la Mer

Les méduses de la Cité de la Mer

La première fois que j’ai entendu parler de méduses, j’étais à Noirmoutier, lors de vacances avec mes parents.…

Sunset à Stockholm

Swedish Sunset

🇸🇪 Swedish Sunset 🌇 🇫🇷Je n’ai jamais vu deux couchers de soleil similaires. Demain, au même endroit, au…

Compassion at work

Compassion at work

This is a story that I originally posted on kindspring.org, one year ago. Work takes a third of my weekdays


Winter sunrise

Winter Sunrise Each morning, the sun rises again Each morning, there is a new sky...

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And do not forget... whether we are Saturday or Monday, it is allowed to enjoy each single day! :-)