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Blog opening - 16 years later!

There we go, I decided! After a few months to procrastinate, above all to think about how I would like to lay out this project, I will start again to write and to share my thoughts. And I am pretty happy about that 😊

So, you will ask me why this title " 16 years later "?

Simply because it is not the first blog that I start. But every time I had one, the blog had to close for random reasons due to the hoster… (Lycos, myspace, fblog, etc…, under the nicknames of Oliv, Ollie or niakata). So this time, I took my own hoster and I will hack my own blog, with the secrete hope that I will last better.

And why did I get in mind to restart a blog?

For the happiness to write! For the pleasure to get lost into some daydreams, thoughts, observations of the daily life, and to be able to get aware of them, write them, and then – maybe 16 years later – to be happy to read them. It is a little bit as if my “me” of the present could talk to the “me” of the future. And it can alleviate my failing memory.

The emergence happened, precisely 16 years ago, when I read “ Les Rêveries du Promeneur Solitaire , written by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, where he explained his relationship with writing, while he only wrote for himself, being happy to write them and, later, to be happy to read them again. A real source of inspiration!

The difference with him is that I publish them on the internet (yesss, we do not leave during the same era…). This website will also be the support to share my passions, in particular my photos and the related stories.

Bonus: My first blogpost, written 16 years ago in my very first blog done in HTML. It was in 2004… #souvenirs :-)

Enjoy your navigation,


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December 28, 2020 at 9:56 pm

« Il n’y a que deux façons de vivre sa vie : l’une en faisant comme si rien n’était un miracle, l’autre en faisant comme si tout était un miracle ». Albert Einstein
Fourmis, thermites ou abeilles? Auront-elles un jour la possiblité de découvrir les merveilles du monde et de s’en émerveiller comme tu le fais? Mais la vie mérite d’être vécue, sous quelque forme qu’elle soit.
Continue à nous faire voyager et rêver au travers de ton site, de tes pensées et photographies. Merci.

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